Louis DeBiasio

Office: BAC 229
Phone: 513-529-1491
Email: debiasld@miamioh.edu
URL: https://louisdebiasio.github.io/

Professor of Mathematics

123 Bachelor Hall
301 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056




2020-2023 NSF DMS Grant

2013-2018 Simons Collaboration Grant

2012 Project NExT fellow

MIGHTY LIV at Miami University -- April 6, 2013


39) A note on the multicolor size-Ramsey numbers of connected graphs, submitted

38) On the multicolor Ramsey numbers of balanced double stars, submitted (with Deepak Bal and Ella Oren-Dahan)

37) A lower bound on the multicolor size-Ramsey numbers of paths in hypergraphs, submitted (with Deepak Bal and Allan Lo)

36) Large monochromatic components in expansive hypergraphs, to appear in Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing (with Deepak Bal)

35) Large monochromatic components in hypergraphs with large minimum codegree, Journal of Graph Theory 105, no.3 (2024), 367-372. (with Deepak Bal)

34) Unavoidable structures in infinite tournaments, submitted (with Alistair Benford and Paul Larson)

33) Powers of Hamiltonian cycles in multipartite graphs, Discrete Mathematics 345, no. 4, April 2022, 112747 (with Ryan Martin and Theo Molla)

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31) Generalizations and strengthenings of Ryser's conjecture, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 28, no. 4 (2021), P4.37 (with Yigal Kamel, Grace McCourt, and Hannah Sheats)

30) Density of monochromatic infinite subgraphs II, submitted (with Jan Corsten and Paul McKenney)

29) A note about monochromatic components in graphs of large minimum degree, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory (with Robert A. Krueger)

28) New lower bounds on the size-Ramsey number of a path, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 29, no. 1 (2022), P1.18 (with Deepak Bal)

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0) Optimal degree conditions for spanning subgraphs, Ph.D. Thesis, Arizona State University

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